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Home Cooking Japan
Dining room
You can play the piano and
use traditional Japanese room.
Home Cooking Japan

I am a psychologist. I think the act of eating at home together has the effect of making people intimate and understandable each other well. 

Recently, many foreigners have come to Japan, but they say that they have few opportunities to visit Japanese families. So, I would like to invite foreign visitors to our home, and make home cooking together, give an experience of eating.  

 I think that this experience will be a pleasant memory in Japan and you will be able to understand Japanese culture deeper.

Outside wooden deck
You can have a lunch if it isn't rain.
Home Cooking Japan
Dining room
You can use the circle table.
Home Cooking Japan
Cute garden
You can see a cherry tree 
over the wooden deck.

Fujiwara Tamae | 藤原珠江 

○Born in Kurashiki city,Okayama Prefecture

○Clinical psychologist

 After retiring  from the psychology at the university,

 guest professor

○Hobbies:traveling abroad, cooking

○Others:Management of Energy Solution & Home Cooking Japan Company

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