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Experience visit from Indonesia 04

#Experience #visit our house from #Indonesia 04.

Everybody. Come on! Let's make #Teriyaki of chicken with frying pan! To make it tasty, turn it round until it gets burned to #candy color just before it burns. Let’s #experience Teriyaki chiken.

Yea said Yeah? #Candy color · · · OK, It's color is kind of Japanese · · ·

It is good question. Usually caramel is made from starch syrup and the color is transparent. In addition, the raw material of starch syrup is sweet potato. When this starch syrup is boiled or burned down, the color gradually turns brown. This change depends on the boiling or burning time. When that color is changing deep brown, you have to stop boiling or burning, if you think that color is delicious. That all, you made up the best Teriyaki cuisine.

#Teriyaki chicken start.

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