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#Experience visit from #Indonesia 07

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Let's cook while considering a delicious and fun design.

Today, we will put the cooked rice on the palm of your hand and make it your own design shape. We will make size and shape (triangle, circle, square etc.fig1 to fig6). Rice is hot! Now, you have shaped it. Let's put a decoration. What kind of things can you do? Cute face #rice balls, colorful rice balls, #Umeboshi nose rice balls, face made with cheese, face of wrapping seaweed, ham face rice balls, rice balls mixed with #Shiso, Oh, it seems like a delicious egg roll. Where's the #miso soup?

Fig1 who's Onigiri? Its good for children.

fig2 Who's Onigiri? Yel made this one ?

fig3 Who's Onigiri? Sono made this one?

fig4 Who's #Onigiri? cute and funny!

fig5 Who's Onigiri? New design!

fig6 Who's Onegiri? Magnificent!

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